We’re on the lookout for the best and brightest minds in engineering. If you’re ready to help us build a safer digital future, then have a look, because we’re hiring.

Our mission

Qohash finds, tracks, and safeguards the world’s most sensitive data. We partner with top organizations to deliver lasting value in the shortest possible time frame, providing total data clarity and actionable insights while solving fast-moving challenges.

As part of a team that safeguards the world’s most valuable data, you deserve nothing but the best.

Six weeks of paid time off

You work hard, which is why you deserve the freedom to unwind. At Qohash, we offer you six weeks of vacation time per year.

Comprehensive health coverage

You get comprehensive coverage including life insurance, short- and long-term disability insurance, paramedical and telemedicine services, an HSA account, and more.

An extra $1K for buying equipment

Whether working in-office, remotely, or in some hybrid combination, Qohash sets you up for success — including providing you with $1K to spend on equipment of your choice.

Qohash personal fitness program

As part of our commitment to employee resilience, Qohash offers you personal fitness coaches, group training sessions, 12-week conditioning challenges, and exclusive invites to conferences about the benefits of physical activities.

$2K in Job Skills Training/Year

We believe in taking the best of the best — and making them even better. When working for Qohash, you’ll benefit from $2K worth of additional job skills training per year.


Meet the team​

Jean-Benoit Harvey
“Asynchronous full remote is the best way to work. That's how we work at Qohash.”
Jean-Benoit Harvey,
Software Developer

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Sensitive data inventory
Meet PII and PCI audits
Ensure GDPR, NYDFS compliance
Improve data governance
Drive SOC 2 certification
Insider threat monitoring
Lockdown endpoints
Detect policy violations in real-time
Expedite investigations
Quantify risk levels for the Board
Defying legacy limitations
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