Qohash Announces Major Update to Qostodian Recon's Scan Engine
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Qohash is pleased to announce a significant update to the Qostodian Recon scan engine, designed to enhance speed, accuracy, and explainability in data discovery. This latest version incorporates key improvements driven by customer feedback, ensuring that our product meets the evolving needs and capability demands of our users.

Faster Scanning for Improved Efficiency

The updated Qostodian Recon scan engine is 127.18% faster* than the previous major version. This boost in speed allows for quicker data discovery, enabling organizations to streamline their workflows and enhance productivity.

bar graph showing scan speed benchmark

*with OCR deactivated

Enhanced Detection Accuracy

Accuracy in data discovery is critical for organizations that rely on precise and reliable information to safeguard their operations. The latest update to the Qostodian Recon scan engine focuses on reducing false positives while maintaining a low rate of false negatives.

False positives occur when benign data is mistakenly identified as sensitive or risky, leading to unnecessary investigations and wasted resources. Conversely, false negatives, where actual threats go undetected, can have severe consequences for an organization’s security posture. Striking a balance between these two is essential for effective data discovery.

To address this, we have revised our qualification system by adding more analyzers throughout the scanning process. This multi-layered approach improves the engine’s ability to accurately identify true positives and minimize false positives. This level of precision is crucial for maintaining the integrity of data discovery processes and ensuring that security teams can focus on actual threats rather than chasing down erroneous alerts.

Improved Detection Explainability

The new detection explainability feature in Qostodian Recon provides users with clear and detailed explanations for each likelihood score. This transparency allows users to comprehend why specific data points were flagged, facilitating better understanding and trust in the system.

screenshot of software feature

The detection explainability feature breaks down the factors that contributed to each score, highlighting key elements such as data patterns, context, and relevance. This detailed insight helps users quickly grasp the underlying reasons for detections, making it easier to evaluate and validate the results.

Custom Validation and User-Defined Sensitive Information

The enhanced custom validation feature allows users to create and apply their own validation rules, ensuring that the scan engine aligns with their unique data security policies. This customization helps reduce false positives by filtering out irrelevant data that does not meet the defined criteria. As a result, organizations can achieve more accurate and relevant scan results.

Additionally, the update improves the handling of user-defined sensitive information. Users can define and experiment with new types of sensitive information, adapting the scan engine to detect emerging threats and unique data patterns specific to their environment. This flexibility ensures that Qostodian Recon remains effective in identifying and protecting a wide range of sensitive data types.

Customer-Centric Development

Throughout the development process, we engaged with our customers to understand their challenges, needs, and expectations. This direct input guided the enhancements we implemented, ensuring that the updated scan engine addresses real-world requirements and delivers tangible value.

Our commitment to customer-centric development goes beyond just seeking feedback. We strive to build strong relationships with our users, fostering a collaborative environment where their insights drive continuous improvement. This approach not only helps us create better products but also ensures that our solutions stay relevant and effective in a rapidly changing landscape.

The latest update to Qostodian Recon’s scan engine represents a significant improvement in our ability to reliably discover sensitive information. By focusing on speed, accuracy, and explainability, we have created a tool that meets the highest standards in the industry. We are excited to see how our customers will benefit from these improvements and look forward to their continued feedback.

For more information about the new scan engine and its capabilities, visit our website or contact our support team. Qohash remains committed to providing the most advanced and reliable data discovery solutions available.

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