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Our story and critical mission

Our Story

Qohash was born out of necessity. Our background in defense and security meant that we had witnessed too many times the implications of mishandling highly sensitive data. The spark was ignited by a series of high-profile data breaches involving employees with access to high-risk unstructured data.

We saw a crucial problem: how could organizations leverage their data while ensuring its continuous security? Conventional methods were no longer enough, and analysts were drowning in alerts. We knew there had to be a better way. With this realization, we founded Qohash in 2018.

Qohash was established on the understanding that the real risk in any organization lies not with “data walking itself out the door”, but with the employees who have access to sensitive information. Recognizing this, we’ve honed our focus on the monitoring of high-risk unstructured data, routinely accessed by teams, to help organizations optimally manage their data security posture. This approach puts us in a unique position to ensure that data security is maintained without hindering the beneficial use of the data.

About Qohash - company mission and vision

Our Core Values

Pursuit of excellence

Data security companies that aren’t constantly improving every aspect of what they mean by “excellent” shouldn’t exist.


Security is a marathon without a finish line. Our customers and employees must have the support they need.

Mission Focus

We are here to protect the world’s most sensitive data and create a safer digital future for all.


Trust is earned through actions, not blame or wishful thinking. Fulfill promises, and take responsibility for mistakes.

Embracing Conflict

To reach a consensus and problem-solve quickly, it’s important to communicate honestly and courageously.

Our Leadership Team

Jean Le Bouthillier

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Joseph

Chief Operating Officer

Guy Veilleux

Vice President of Sales

Jean-Pierre Pelletier

Vice President of Product

Luca Perico

Vice President of Engineering

Rosalie Dumas

Senior Director of Operations

Andrew Christie

Director of Finance

Robbie Herd

Director of People Operations

Our Board of Directors

Jean Le Bouthillier


Jared Winegrad

FINTOP Capital

Peter Becke

Venturing Hills

Timothy Hodgson

Hydro One

Serge Michaud

Fonds de solidarité FTQ

Our Advisory Board

Mike McKee

CEO Ataccama

Vincent Bergeron

Partner, ROBIC

Eli Fathi

Chairman at MindBridge Ai

Our Investors

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Regulatory compliance:
Find, classify and inventory all sensitive data, across every data source
Data breach prevention:
Monitor sensitive data 24/7, track data lineage, and enforce policies at endpoints
Microsoft 365
One easy-to-use platform to secure sensitive data on Windows workstations and M365
By regulation
Law 25
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