Zero surprise pricing.​

No upsells or fees for new modules.

All Qostodian functionality, one transparent fee

One Fee

Pay an annual fee based on employee headcount.

Unlimited data volume

As the amount of data you scan increases, your price does not.

Hybrid environments

Your license covers on-premises and cloud-based data sources.

The Qohash difference

Qostodian leverages patent-pending “data element tracking” technology to deliver unprecedented visibility and risk indicators that shift security teams into proactive threat-hunting mode. Qostodian looks into files to inventory and tracks each individual data element (e.g. specific SSNs and bank account numbers), while simultaneously tracking risky employee interactions with each data element.

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Discover, classify and inventory

Starting at $13k USD for a 3-year

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Monitor data and
employees 24/7

Starting at $25k USD for a 3-year subscription

Everything Recon offers +


Other data security platforms will charge by volume of data scanned, making your cost unpredictable and often extremely high. We want you to have complete visibility and control over your data, no matter how much data you may have. That’s why we offer a price based on company headcount; it is more predictable and lets you scan ALL of your data without worrying about financial implications.

Yes. Discounted pricing is available for 3 year term subscriptions as well as for nonprofit organizations.

If the organization expands and needs to monitor more employees, we can increase the number of monitored employees in increments of 5%. However, for simplicity and ease of management, these increments are typically rounded to the nearest whole number, such as 100, 500, or 1000.

The cost of each block is prorated according to the initial subscription price and applied over the remaining subscription period.

The addition of licenses is irreversible for the duration of the subscription, which means that the number of employees cannot be reduced once it has been set.

To ensure we continue providing our high-quality service, accommodate for inflation, and account for the increased costs of business operations, we find it necessary to implement a modest annual price increase, typically around 10% per year. This approach allows us to maintain and enhance our product offerings, whilst remaining competitive and sustainable in the long-term.

Our ‘unlimited’ provision is intended to accommodate the legitimate needs of data security use cases, not to support activities such as ‘scanning the entire internet’ or other activities involving unreasonably large quantities of data. We trust our customers to use our services sensibly and responsibly, in line with the intended use case of data security. Any activities deemed to be an abuse of our unlimited data volume provision may be subject to review and additional charges.

Qohash, like most SaaS providers, can only recognize revenue if it’s guaranteed for the full term of the subscription. Managing revenue recognition is essential for a growth-oriented company like Qohash. Qohash typically provides a discount for customers who commit to a three-year subscription compared to an annual one. This discount is granted in appreciation of the customer’s extended commitment.

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