Qohash wins FinTech Global’s CyberTech100 award

Qohash gets recognized as one of the top 100 companies in the CyberTech 100 list for 2023 by Fintech Global. 

The CyberTech100 list features the top 100 companies in the cybersecurity industry, meticulously chosen by a panel of analysts and industry experts from a pool of over 1,000 companies. Qohash is honoured to be part of the top companies making a change in the financial services industry by providing innovative solutions to fight off cyber attacks, protect customer information and mitigate digital risks.

Qohash is focused on resolving the massive unstructured data blindspot by bringing unprecedented visibility into on-premises locations such as Windows OS workstations, and Microsoft cloud apps. The novel data security platform, Qostodian, offers a fundamental shift in orientation. It provides timely insights and flags risky behaviour in progress, putting data security teams in a position to take precise preventative action. 

The Qohash Difference: 

  • Secure your entire environment, including workstations, and scan data at rest 
  • Get full granular context around sensitive data elements
  • Perform 24/7 employee risk profiling more quickly, simply, and cheaply than any other tool on the market
  • Complete a reverse search for data elements to find out exactly where data moved and to whom — and meet data breach notification requirements

For a comprehensive look at CyberTech100 and in-depth information about each company, visit www.CyberTech100.com to download the full list.

About Qohash

Qohash is a leader in data security software development that blends innovative and easy-to-understand security technologies, allowing businesses to gain visibility on their sensitive data. Founded in 2018, Qohash is currently available in the U.S. and Canada and has scaled rapidly to provide customers with solutions tailored to meet today’s hybrid and remote work environments in the financial services sector.

About FinTech Global

FinTech Global is the world’s leading provider of FinTech information services, B2B media products and industry events. We inform, promote and connect FinTech buyers, sellers, investors and innovators worldwide. We serve a network of over 300,000 FinTech professionals from market-leading organizations.

For more information, please contact Christina Morin, Marketing Coordinator at Qohash at [email protected].

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