Qohash at RSA Conference 2023

The RSA Conference is an annual information security event that brings together cybersecurity professionals, thought leaders, and vendors worldwide. The conference covers a wide range of topics related to information security, including cryptography, network security, cloud security, application security, artificial intelligence, and more. RSAC has become one of the most important events in the cybersecurity industry, with thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing their latest products and services. The event also features keynote speeches, panel discussions, and hands-on training sessions to help attendees stay up-to-date with cybersecurity trends and best practices.

This year’s 32nd edition attracted over 40,000 attendees, including 650+ speakers, 500+ exhibitors and 500+ members of the media. Qohash is proud to have participated as a first-time exhibitor. This is a great milestone for the company and it has brought unprecedented visibility and brand awareness for Qohash in the US market. The team had the immense opportunity to get instant feedback from the attendees on the game-changing Qostodian solution. 

Qohash at RSA Conference 2023

Qohash had a strong presence at the RSA Conference. The company showcased its Qostodian platform, which provides unprecedented visibility into the “80% unstructured data blindspot (Gartner).” Qohash’s patent-pending “data element tracking” technology offers timely risk insights that shift security teams out of reactive response to incidents and into proactive threat-hunting mode. During the conference, Qohash had several valuable networking opportunities, connected with potential customers, and gained insights into emerging trends in the cybersecurity industry. The company is excited to continue developing its Qostodian platform and offering cutting-edge solutions to help organizations safeguard their most sensitive data.

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