Qohash Expands Qostodian for M365: Introducing Outlook and SharePoint Integrations

We’re excited to share the latest developments with our Qostodian data security platform for Microsoft 365. Building on our initial release, which introduced a transformative approach to data security posture management, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of two new integrations: SharePoint and Outlook. These integrations mark a significant step forward in our mission to provide organizations with unparalleled risk identification, investigation, and mitigation capabilities.

SharePoint Integration: Empower Your SharePoint Ecosystem

SharePoint is a powerful source of information and collaboration, but managing permissions and securing data within this ecosystem can be complex. Qostodian simplifies this process by bringing clarity and actionability to your SharePoint environment. Our SharePoint integration ensures that sensitive information is protected, while still enabling efficient data management and utilization. Unleash the potential of your SharePoint data without compromising security. Qostodian for M365 offers a comprehensive approach to SharePoint management, giving you control over your data landscape and empowering your organization.

Outlook Integration: Safeguard Your Email Communication

Email communication is a cornerstone of modern business operations, yet it also poses unique challenges for data security. With Qostodian for M365, we address these challenges head-on. Our comprehensive Outlook integration offers an unprecedented level of visibility into employee email repositories. By uncovering dormant sensitive data and potential vulnerabilities within attachments and dormant content, Qostodian empowers you to proactively manage risks. Stay steps ahead of data breaches and make informed decisions to enhance your overall security posture. With Qostodian, your sensitive information remains safeguarded, even in the realm of email communication.

Continued Innovation: What Sets Qostodian Apart

At Qohash, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Qostodian for M365 started with coverage for OneDrive, and now with the addition of Outlook and SharePoint integrations, we’re delivering on our promise of a holistic data security solution. Our patent-pending approach uniquely monitors and cross-references employees and sensitive data elements, providing real-time risk identification and actionable insights. From individual risk profiles and watch lists to automated alerts and remediation actions, Qostodian is designed to keep your organization ahead of incidents.

Our platform’s “street level” views of risk offer easy identification and quantification of risk, while our fast investigation capabilities ensure that you can locate specific data elements across all locations in milliseconds. Real-time alerts and the ability to automate remediation actions based on policy violations further enhance your security measures. Plus, Qostodian’s real-time monitoring, absence of file size limits, and double encryption maintain the highest level of data protection.

Stay Ahead with Qohash: Your Partner in Data Security

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, Qohash remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower organizations to take control of their data security. With Qostodian for M365, including the new Outlook and SharePoint integrations, you can proactively manage risks, safeguard sensitive information, and strengthen your security posture. We’re excited to journey with you towards a more secure future.

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