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Data volumes and the complexity of data use cases are growing exponentially. Many organizations don’t have a clear picture of their holdings, and simple ways to classify and protect them.

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of all data was created in the last 2 years
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of collected data never gets used or analyzed
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of organizations lack a data culture
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of all folders in a company are open to everyone

Moving forward: Data will be the biggest creator AND destroyer of organizations


Complexity Blindspot

Survival in a complex environment depends on data for better decision-making. Don't let complexity become the blind spot of your digital aspirations and the downfall of your organization.

Growing Integrity Threats

Insiders and hackers know that data integrity has been a gaping hole in cybersecurity. Don’t let malicious parties tamper your precious data assets while avoiding detection.

Tightening Data Regulations

Data breaches and data manipulation are dominating the compliance news cycle. Soon it will be impossible to remain compliant without robust, automated and scalable tools.


Our solutions protect your most valuable assets with state-of-the-art features

| Qostodian Platform

Delivering modern data security solutions including discovery & classification, integrity assurance and detection & reporting.

Discovery & Classification

Scan the content of your files to discover information of interest and appropriately classify them. Our scanning engines outperform existing solutions and deliver results within seconds vs minutes and finds data across cloud sources, network drives and devices.

Integrity Assurance

Assure the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life cycle. Prove the state of data assets that shouldn’t change throughout the span of their life-cycle. Certify and verify the state of assets using several modalities, API, right-click or agent.

Detection & Reporting

Detect integrity breaches in real-time to proactively address them. Easily set up control points to automatically validate the integrity of your data assets as they flow through the business. Detect the presence of sensitive data where it shouldn't be and prevent data breaches.

| The features you need

Enhance the security of your data over your entire infrastructure, without burdening existing workflows

Find Data Anywhere

Discover, understand and protect data across your organization

Monitor Devices

Monitor all your devices and search by platform, status, anomalies and period

Detect and Report Anomalies

Detect any anomalies in real time, get notifications and build reports

Versatile and fully configurable dashboard designed to help you achieve your security, compliance and audits requirements effectively.

| Built for

  • CIOs & CISOs
  • Sys Admins
  • Auditors
  • Risk Advisors
  • Security Analysts

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