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In this instructional video, the Qostodian Recon tool is shown to help find specific information within a file server using the custom sensitive information feature. This feature can be used to locate specific elements relating to a particular type of business, such as intellectual property, customer or client reference information, specific names, or financial elements like POS or licenses. The video shows how to add a new sensitive information element, create an info type, set the classification and category, and add a pattern and contextual qualifiers. After rescanning the data set, the results show that two additional elements related to the specified sensitive information were detected.

In today’s highly digitized world, businesses are constantly generating and storing vast amounts of data. However, with this increase in data production comes the responsibility of protecting sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. This is where tools like Qostodian Recon come in, offering a solution to help businesses easily find and secure specific information within their file servers.

One of the notable features of Qostodian Recon is its custom sensitive information option. This feature allows analysts to search for specific types of information that are important to their business, such as intellectual property or customer data. By defining custom sensitive info types, businesses can create parameters to search for and ensure the protection of their most valuable data.

Once the custom sensitive info type is created, the tool rescans the data set to detect any instances of the specified content. In the video, two additional elements related to the new sensitive info type are successfully identified by the tool. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Qostodian Recon in finding specific information within a file server.

The ability to customize sensitive info types is a valuable asset for businesses, as it allows them to target and protect data that is most crucial to their operations. For example, financial institutions can specifically search for account numbers or social security numbers, while healthcare organizations can focus on patient medical records. This level of flexibility ensures that businesses can tailor the tool to their specific needs and comply with industry regulations regarding data protection.

Qostodian Recon’s custom sensitive information feature is a great asset to organizations concerned about data security. By giving businesses the ability to define and search for specific types of sensitive information, they can proactively identify and address vulnerabilities in their data storage. In turn, this helps prevent data breaches and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access.

In summary, Qostodian Recon’s custom sensitive information feature provides businesses with a powerful tool to ensure the security of their most valuable data. The ability to define and search for specific types of sensitive information enables organizations to better protect their intellectual property, customer data, and other crucial information. With this feature, Qostodian Recon assists businesses in meeting regulatory compliance requirements and safeguarding their data from potential security breaches.

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