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With the growing volume and velocity of enterprise data in today’s remote work environment, security teams demand a new level of visibility to stay ahead of risk. That’s where Qostodian Prime™ comes in.

Prime is a SaaS solution that monitors workstations, OneDrive, and Outlook on a 24/7 basis, and proactively alerts security teams when risky and non-compliant behavior occurs. CISOs and auditors also view quantified risk levels by employee, department, info type and more, so that they’re never caught by surprise.

With Prime, manual investigations become a thing of the past. When it comes to preventing insider threats, security teams care most about user behavior. That’s why Prime tracks specific data elements as they move across employees over time.

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Regulatory compliance:
Find, classify and inventory all sensitive data, across every data source
Data breach prevention:
Monitor sensitive data 24/7, track data lineage, and enforce policies at endpoints
Microsoft 365
One easy-to-use platform to secure sensitive data on Windows workstations and M365
By regulation
Law 25
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Defy legacy limitations
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