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Qohash integration with Microsoft 365 enhances visibility and control over critical, regulated sensitive data

Available in the Azure Marketplace, Qostodian for M365 monitors granular data elements and employee behavior to make it fast and easy to secure workstations, investigate incidents and drive sensitive data compliance. 

SAN FRANCISCO, March 2, 2023 – Qohash, provider of the Qostodian data security platform, today announced an integration with Microsoft 365. The Qostodian for M365 solution offers a novel approach to data security posture management, making risk identification and investigation fast and easy.

The Qostodian platform uniquely monitors and cross-references two fundamental risk elements to an organization: employees and sensitive data elements. Contrary to alternatives limited to file-level tracking, Qostodian goes one level deeper to track individual sensitive data elements, such as credit card and bank account numbers. 

The platform monitors on-premises and cloud locations and flags risky employee interactions with sensitive data in real-time–enabling risk mitigation actions to be taken before incidents occur. Microsoft 365 users can now leverage Qostodian’s patent-pending approach to stay ahead of incidents with powerful risk indicators, one-click reports, and automated alerts. 

Qostodian for M365

Qostodian for M365 includes immediate coverage for OneDrive, with Outlook, Sharepoint, and Teams forthcoming. The platform’s new, “street level” views of risk, deliver key functionality in three areas:

Easy identification of risk 

  • Risk quantification by individual and department
  • Employee risk profiles and watch lists 
  • Employee activity-based risk indicators 
  • Monthly organizational “risk evolution” reports 
  • User defined sensitive information (UDSI) searches forthcoming 

Fast investigations

  • Data element search to find specific data elements, such as a social security number, across all locations in milliseconds
  • Data propagation functionality to visualize how data moved across employees and locations in a single click

Automated alerts and remediation

  • Real-time alerts generated to SOC teams based on policy violations
  • The platform is also evolving to automate remediation actions based on specific policy violations conditions, such as automatically moving a file from a problematic data source to another secure location, encrypting a file, and more.
  • An integration with Microsoft Purview, to introduce file labeling into the Qohash M365 solution, and further refine the accuracy of Purview DLP, is forthcoming.

“We’ve revolutionized workstation monitoring with our highly sophisticated sensors, providing 24/7 visibility in even the most complex environments. Our success in deploying this technology at scale with credible customers has set the foundation for the logical next step: adding coverage for Microsoft 365. By covering the hardest part, workstations, M365 coverage becomes an easy and valuable addition. We’re committed to increasing coverage to provide our customers with one simple data security platform that covers all their blindspots,” said Qohash’s CEO and co-founder, Jean Le Bouthilllier. 

Real-time monitoring, no file size limits, and double encryption 

Additionally, Qostodian enhances security coverage with its ability to find and scan files of all sizes at endpoints and other on-premises locations. The platform scans files without limitation on types or sizes. Finally, Qostodian double encrypts data. Since it connects through Microsoft’s API, it does not break the security chain by making a copy of customer data to scan. 

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A propos de l'auteur

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