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LinkedIn Live: Microsoft 365 + Qostodian
LinkedIn Live: Microsoft 365 + Qostodian

Learn how to leverage granular data element technology to stay ahead of risk, speed investigations and simplify compliance reporting.

Qohash hosts Dennis Chen, Lead Product Manager and Heather Ryan, Product Marketing Director will provide insight into core philosophy behind Qostodian (hint: think early risk detection and mitigation vs. post mortem views). 

Over the course of this bite-sized 20-minute episode they’ll also discuss the three benefits Qostodian delivers to M365 users:

  1. Early risk identification with powerful indicators. View employee risk profiles, employee watch lists and risk evolution reports.
  1. Fast investigations with granular data element tracking technology. Run keyword searches to find specific pieces of sensitive data in milliseconds and see how data moves across employees and locations in a few clicks.
  1. Policy enforcement with direct insight into when policy violations occur, or other risky actions are being taken by employees. 
Microsoft 365 + Qostodian
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A propos de l'auteur

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