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Qohash + Microsoft: Enabling 100% Visibility by Filling the Gaps

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In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, data stands as the lifeblood of organizations, powering productivity, innovation, and informed decision-making. Ensuring the security, compliance, and effective management of this invaluable resource is an ongoing priority. Microsoft has consistently excelled as a leader in delivering comprehensive solutions for data management, compliance, and risk mitigation. Nevertheless, in the face of evolving data threats, there’s an opportunity to further enhance and fortify data protection strategies. This is precisely where Qohash enters the equation, offering a solution that complements and enhances Microsoft’s capabilities, resulting in a formidable synergy that guarantees 100% visibility into data risks.

Microsoft: Top-Down Integrated Control

Microsoft takes an end-user productivity and platform approach to data creation, management, compliance, and risk. Their suite of products, including Purview, MIP (Microsoft Information Protection), Syntex, DLP (Data Loss Prevention), and Insider Risk, offers a top-down integrated control of data risk management. The emphasis here is on a unified strategy for risk, compliance, and data governance that scales across all customer tenants predictably and securely.

Qohash: Bottom-Up Data Element Tracking

Qohash complements Microsoft’s approach by focusing on sensitive data ownership and providing a bottom-up perspective on data risk assessment. Rather than looking at data risk from a vast standpoint, Qohash hones in on unstructured individual data elements, tracking them at scale. This approach allows organizations to identify precisely what data was exfiltrated and who should be notified. Qohash’s Qostodian platform creates individualized risk profiles for employees, departments, and more, offering key insights on data security without limitations on file type or size. It monitors unstructured data at rest, giving organizations the ability to take action before events occur, filling the gap where Purview alone falls short.

Unparalleled Insights with Qohash

Qostodian enhances Microsoft M365 Purview by adding value, providing customers with unrivalled information, maximizing the potential of M365 in their operations.

The integration of Qohash’s Qostodian platform enhances Microsoft Purview’s capabilities, particularly in the realms of detection, classification, information, and investigation. Qohash provides detailed intelligence and insights on unstructured sensitive information found on workstations, empowering users to understand risks at the data element level. This granular perspective enables proactive data-related risk management. Here’s how Qohash brings unparalleled insights:

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Align Workstation Scanning with Cloud Security: Qostodian seamlessly scans both workstations and cloud environments, ensuring comprehensive coverage without limitations.
  • Support for Various File Types: Qostodian can identify and scan over 135 file extensions, leaving no data stone unturned.
  • Risk Profiling: Qostodian enables the creation of risk profiles for every employee and data element, helping organizations prioritize risk management efforts.
  • Organizational Risk Evolution Reporting: Organizations can produce monthly reports tracking the evolution of their risk posture over time.
  • Policy Violation Alerts: Qostodian sends real-time alerts for policy violations, including data accumulation, exfiltration, and deletion.

Proactive Threat Hunting

  • 24/7 Tracking: Organizations can leverage continuous tracking of individual data elements in their files, even at rest, along with employee interactions, to receive timely risk insights.
  • Data Propagation Search: Gain insights into data propagation across elements, employees, and locations.
  • Data Stays Within Your Environment: Qostodian ensures data never leaves the customer’s environment.
  • Indexed Search: Easily locate specific data elements and receive alerts when employees are violating policies.

Complete Incident Response

  • Rapid Data Leak Tracking: In the event of a data leak, Qostodian allows organizations to track the extent of the breach in milliseconds. Indexed search provides granular information on each data element, employee interaction, and exact location, facilitating a swift and effective incident response.

With Qohash + Microsoft, organizations benefit from complete coverage and intelligence, risk assessment and quantification at a granular level, increased visibility into organizational data risks, and robust incident investigations. The synergy between Qohash’s bottom-up approach and Microsoft’s top-down integrated control creates a comprehensive data protection ecosystem that empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of data risk with confidence and precision. Together, they enable 100% visibility into your data, filling the gaps to safeguard your organization’s most valuable asset.

For more information on how Microsoft and Qohash integrate together, get in touch with us here.

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