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Qohash Launches New Qostodian Recon™ Product to Help Organizations Discover and Secure Their Sensitive Data
Qohash Launches New Qostodian Recon

Qohash’s enterprise-grade data discovery technology is now available for mid-sized companies that want to identify and secure sensitive data with minimal staffing requirements.

NEW JERSEY, N.J., Sep. 22, 2021 — Qohash announces the launch of Qostodian ReconTM, its new on-premise data discovery and classification solution that catalogs sensitive data to meet compliance requirements and improve security.

Mid-sized companies find their security process and systems are breaking down due to an inability to scan a proliferating number of file formats for an ever-growing number of regulated information categories. As breach, audit, and excessive fines risks increase, security leaders find that discovering and protecting sensitive data requires too many unrelated systems and simply takes far too long. 

With Qostodian Recon™, CISOs and Auditors in mid-sized businesses can discover and analyze a vast array of network-accessible data sources, including NAS, and cloud drives, both in the office and within work-from-home environments. The new centrally deployed solution scans and classifies more than 25 personally identifiable information (PII) and regulated data types out-of-the-box with a scan speed up to 50X faster than other solutions currently on the market. Further, the solution natively supports more than 150 file formats, making Qostodian Recon™ a turnkey experience with immediate return on investment.

The need for robust data discovery and classification tools has increased over the past year as employees have shifted to work-from-home, adding to the challenge for existing data management solutions. By adding a cost-effective and easy to deploy solution for data discovery use cases, Qohash fulfills its mission to extend sophisticated enterprise-grade data discovery technology to every business with urgent needs for affordable data security and compliance.

“One of the main reasons we switched to Qohash is because of the simplicity it offers. I get answers quicker; it takes less time to install, less time and money to maintain, yet it scans 10x faster [than my previous solution],” said George Plytas, Head of Information Security at CAA Club Group, one of the launch customers for Qostodian Recon™.

“Data is both an opportunity and a liability for businesses; we want to make sure that any business can easily find and secure their sensitive data,” said Qohash CEO Jean Le Bouthillier during the launch. “Regulators, businesses, and the public at large are waking up to the fact that 55 percent of all company data is floating around unmonitored and frequently unprotected. When leaked, this data costs an average of $8.64 million to the organization, not including the loss of reputation.” Le Bouthillier adds, “new data discovery solutions such as Qostodian Recon™ are helping businesses address this emerging problem with minimal staffing requirements. Thanks to our unique approach and high-quality software, we aim to make Qohash the de-facto choice for data discovery in a world where data is one of the most valuable corporate assets.”

Key features of Qostodian Recon™ include:

  • Data discovery and classification
    Leverage 25 predefined sensitive data detection patterns and automatically scan more than 150 file formats.
  • Data inventory and compliance management
    Obtain complete data inventories, including type, classification, and regulatory risk.
  • Automate scans and remediation
    Schedule regular scans of your shared company folders and automatically detect and migrate risky files.
  • Duplicate file detection
    Scan results include duplicate files for remediation or removal.
  • CSV and Excel export
    Scan results can be exported to a CSV or Excel file for custom analysis and reporting.
  • On-premise control
    There’s no data communication back to Qohash or third parties. Experience painless deployments with minimal security overhead.

About Qostodian Recon:
Qostodian Recon™ runs natively on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. The software quickly scans connected cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, and Amazon S3 buckets.

About Qohash:
Qohash is a leader in data security software development that blends innovative and easy-to-understand security technologies, allowing businesses to gain visibility on their sensitive data. Founded in 2018, Qohash is currently available in the U.S. and Canada and has scaled rapidly to provide customers with solutions tailored to meet today’s hybrid and remote work environments in the financial services sector.

Media Contact: 
Sophie Lapointe
Head of Marketing
Qohash Inc.
[email protected]

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