LinkedIn Live: KPMG + Qohash

Deep expertise meets novel data security technology to offer the fastest path to sensitive data compliance for understaffed teams.

Driven by the cybersecurity talent shortage, the partnership tightly integrates KPMG’s world-class data security expertise with Qohash’s novel data security platform.

The combination of Qostodian’s unique technology, plus KPMG’s deep bench of experts, delivers the fast path for implementing compliance rigor and data governance initiatives for understaffed teams.

In 15 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How the partnership drives compliance amidst the talent shortage: KPMG experts are delivering outsourced help to drive initiatives when information security teams simply lack internal bandwidth.
  • The benefits of mass scale implementation of best practices sensitive data security: KPMG will hone its usage of the Qohash platform within multiple businesses, resulting in optimized deployment, risk assessment audits and playbooks.
KPMG + Qohash
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Regulatory compliance:
Find, classify and inventory all sensitive data, across every data source
Data breach prevention:
Monitor sensitive data 24/7, track data lineage, and enforce policies at endpoints
Microsoft 365
One easy-to-use platform to secure sensitive data on Windows workstations and M365
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