Qohash for Insider Risk Management

Get proactive with intelligent threat detection. Receive notifications the moment risky, non-compliant employee behavior occurs.

A proactive approach to insider threat

To effectively counter insider threats, having constant visibility and control over insider activities is paramount. This allows organizations to adopt a proactive stance in safeguarding against insider threats, emphasizing prevention over reaction. By doing so, potential risks can be identified and neutralized before they escalate into serious incidents, enhancing the overall security posture of the organization.


Organizations need to have a comprehensive understanding of their data landscape to identify potential security vulnerabilities. Being able to confidently identify critical sensitive data and where it is located within the organization is foundational to risk reduction. By leveraging data discovery capabilities, organizations can gain insights into their data assets and pinpoint areas that require attention.


Obtaining complete sensitive data visibility is crucial for effective prioritization based on actionable insights. When evaluating risks, it is important to have a clear and continuous understanding of the content within files, as each element carries a unique level of risk. Track data as it flows through your organization and investigate in the moment as risky behavior and policy deviations occur.


Organizations can take decisive actions based on the obtained insights to remediate risky files swiftly and comprehensively. With the ability to quarantine or delete files directly from the platform, organizations can confidently address security threats, ensuring secure data remediation on critical sensitive information. This empowers organizations to transform information into tangible outcomes, reducing insider threat data risk, and improving overall data security.

How it works

In order to help prevent insider data breaches, Qostodian looks at user behavior. Here’s how it works:

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Qostodian detects sensitive data elements within your business systems. It registers specific data elements and begins tracking employee interactions with them.

Qostodian monitors your critical data 24/7 and alerts you the moment risky, non-compliant behavior occurs.

The Qohash difference

Qohash provides unprecedented visibility and control to safeguard the sensitive data that’s most critical to your business. With Qostodian, you’ll be able to proactively manage insider risks and respond to potential breaches before they happen, thanks to unprecedented insights and real-time visibility into your data.

Risk quantification

Qostodian's risk scoring feature enables proactive monitoring of escalating risks through quantifiable metrics. These benchmarks provide clear insights into threat levels and potential real-world impact, empowering teams to effectively prioritize and manage risks.

Data element tracking

Qostodian looks into files to inventory and track each individual data element, who has access to it and how it has propagated. A comprehensive assessment of risk necessitates deep visibility into the granular data within each file, enabling a more accurate determination of potential vulnerabilities and risks.

Risk dimensions

Qostodian allows users to uniquely view risk in four distinct dimensions, ensuring maximum coverage of blindspots. Search for critical data by employee, file, information and data source for total visibility over your risk and security posture.

Intelligence dashboard

The Qostodian dashboard not only provides an overview of the risk landscape but also delivers actionable intelligence that can be used to drive risk mitigation strategies, ensuring a proactive approach to risk management.

Historical record of data movement

The Qostodian platform keeps track of data element propagation. This feature eradicates the need for time-consuming manual investigations, providing a faster, more efficient way to trace data movement among employees and locate potential security breaches.

Customer Story

Identify risk swiftly with Qohash

“I can figure out in a few seconds whether something is an issue or not. We find that greater productivity and efficiency from my team equals better security.”

Discover how the leading cooperative financial group in Canada, armed with reports that track sensitive information across people and contain clear next steps, reacts with speed and confidence to incidents and deviations.

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