CAA secures sensitive data while saving time, money and resources

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Real-world results achieved by Qohash customers

Niagara College

Preparing for a cloud migration? With Recon, Niagara College sorted through thousands of records and deleted duplicate files to ensure only necessary data was migrated into the cloud.


Find out how Desjardins, voted one of the country’s safest banks, quantifies risk by employee and department, to help prevent internal data breaches.


Learn how Energir, an energy sector pioneer, leveraged Recon to cut down on false positives with actionable intel that makes next steps clear.


CAA (the Canadian AAA, voted the most trusted brand in Canada), found Recon to be a “game-changer.” Find out how they saved time, money and resources, and cut out noise to focus on the real security issues.


The National Parks Conservation Association relies on donations from members to support their mission. Find out how they use Recon to secure their reputation, and their brand.


Find out how Kaleido, a leading fund manager and provider of education savings plan programs, uses Recon to meet GDPR-style regulations.

Customer benefits

3 months saved

3 month implementation
5 minutes

With the other tools, it took us three months to set up the environment. If you’re paying a certain amount and losing a quarter of that time on setup, you’ve lost a quarter of your investment.

$$$ saved

3 servers and 5 administrators
1 virtual machine

We needed a more nimble solution. Our existing tool required 3 servers to run. It had tremendous licensing costs associated with it, both for the software and the maintenance of the database. Additionally, there was a labor cost because it required multiple teams to administer the database.

20x faster investigations

20 hours of investigation
Automated views

Before Qohash, we had to perform manual analysis via phone calls, office visits, and follow-ups – across 50,000 employees. Today I can trace specific pieces of information back to the first person who made a mistake, without doing anything manually.

10x faster scans

1 GB/hour scan speed
10 GB/hour

After running tests, we found we were able to scan up to 10 GB/hour. We received business-critical answers up 50x faster, with less overhead, infrastructure and maintenance required.

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Sensitive data inventory
Meet PII and PCI audits
Ensure GDPR, NYDFS compliance
Improve data governance
Drive SOC 2 certification
Insider threat monitoring
Lockdown endpoints
Detect policy violations in real-time
Expedite investigations
Quantify risk levels for the Board
Defying legacy limitations
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