Qohash for Data Security Posture Management

As DSPM becomes a vital need for all midsize and enterprise organizations, Qohash emerges as the preferred choice with its distinct ability to track individual data elements at scale. 

What is DSPM?

Data security posture management, at its core, identifies security gaps and undue exposure. Following a data-first approach to secure sensitive data, DSPM enables organizations to identify where their sensitive data resides in their entire environment.

Securing data effectively necessitates a proactive approach to identify and map out the various storage locations. Without this foundational understanding, attempts to establish robust security measures may prove ineffective and leave sensitive data vulnerable to potential threats and unauthorized access.

The model answers four questions that are vital to establishing a complete picture of the data security posture. By taking a holistic view of an organization’s data security posture, DSPM can help organizations better understand their overall risk profile.

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"By 2026, more than 20% of organizations will deploy DSPM technology, due to the urgent requirements to identify and locate previously unknown data repositories and to mitigate associated security and privacy risks."

Gartner, Innovation Insight: Data Security Posture Management, Brian Lowens, March 28, 2023. 

The Gartner document is available upon request from Qohash.

Components of DSPM

Data Discovery and Classification icon

Data Discovery and Classification

DSPM allows you to automatically find, classify and inventory your sensitive data across all repositories. It should provide context around your sensitive data and support custom queries to detect and find potential data security risks that are unique to your organization and environment.

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Data Access Governance

DSPM solutions possess the capability to gather user and role assignments, conduct an in-depth analysis of permissions, identify sensitive data, and oversee user activity monitoring.

Data Lineage, Flow and Usage icon

Data Lineage, Flow and Usage

DSPM has the ability to map sensitive data across unstructured and shadow data repositories. Such technology can see the full data lineage, where the data has been, who has accessed it and how it has been used. This mapping process enables the identification of risks caused by inappropriate access to data or missing data security controls. 


Continuous Monitoring and Threat Intelligence

DSPM provides important capabilities from both bottom-up and top-down perspectives, enabling a comprehensive assessment of how various factors, such as exposure, compliance, data residency, and risks associated with breaches or ransomware, could impact the overall data security posture.


Incident Response and Remediation

DSPM focuses on the identification and detection of vulnerabilities that may impact sensitive data. The core concept revolves around visually mapping the interconnections among data repositories and users, providing valuable insights to aid in investigation and remediation processes. 

Why select Qohash as your DSPM?

With Qohash, gain full visibility of your sensitive data through scanning, inventorying, and labeling. Track data access by users, groups, roles, and data stores, and receive real-time alerts for risky behaviors. Achieve continuous risk evaluation for unmatched data security.

Granular Data Propagation

Qohash looks into files to inventory and track each individual data element, who has access to it and how it has propagated. 

No File Size Limit

Qohash scans files of unlimited size, including SAS files, file databases, zip files and email archives.

File Never Leaves Your Environment

Qohash sensors are deployed and metadata is double-encrypted and double-hashed so that files always stay in your environment.

10 to 50X Faster

Qohash offers prompt response times to address any data security and privacy issues that may affect your organization. 

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