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High-performance classification for financial institutions

Recognize these problems?

  • Blind Spots ⟫ Sensitive data hidden across data stores and devices
  • Unclear Access ⟫ Nightmare to understand sensitive data access
  • Marginal Performance ⟫ Lethargic classification engines that won’t scale
  • Incorrect Classification ⟫ Scuba and Incubator are just not the same as Cuba

take control with Qostodian

Say goodbye to lethargic and patchwork solutions
Discover and classify your data at scale with confidence

Lightning fast and accurate

Flexible deployment model

Extensive file and storage support

Pre-configured or custom rules

Modern data strategies for smart financial institutions

Know exactly where sensitive data is at all times to manage your risk and continually refine your IT security

You speak. We listen.

Our goal is to create solutions that truly make a difference
Your issues are always at the top of our backlog

Support for

Cloud sources
Shared drives

Actionable Reporting

Sensitive data is front and center with detailed reports giving you an ability to solve various IT challenges.

Access Management

Understand who has access to your sensitive data, fix important issues and configure alerts enforcing your internal policies.

Performance at Scale

Classification in seconds. Confidently deploy the solution across your enterprise without fear of impacting business processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qostodian is a hybrid-SaaS solution featuring a web-based dashboard for configuration and reporting, and on-premises components for analysis. Sensitive data is always scanned on-premises and remains under your full control at all times. Qostodian always works in a read-only mode. No write permissions is required for data sources, keeping your assets safe from any tampering or corruption.

More than 1000 files types supported including: SAS formats, Microsoft Office formats, OpenOffice formats, WordPerfect formats, Text formats, Adobe formats, PDF documents, Email messages, Java class files and archives, Compressed files, and more.

File content is scanned using optimized search algorithms that won’t slow down even when using thousands of rules. Files can be scanned on demand, or monitored continuously.

You can configure your own classification levels (public, proprietary, private, confidential, sensitive, etc.). You can add any search pattern using regular expressions or work with our dedicated team to achieve exactly your goals.

Our team of experts is laser focused on delivering high-performance solutions for financial institutions. We are always looking to improve our solutions to meet your needs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements!