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The Risk Management Lifecycle: From Discovery to Remediation

In today’s digital landscape, organizations face an ever-increasing need to protect their sensitive information from potential security threats. To address these concerns, Qohash is launching a new feature for its Qostodian platform: remediation. This feature enables organizations to take decisive actions to address security issues, minimize risks, and enhance their overall risk management posture. Let’s explore how this feature fits into the risk management lifecycle, from discovery to remediation.

Discover: Know your data

The first step in the risk management lifecycle is data discovery. Organizations need to have a comprehensive understanding of their data landscape to identify potential security vulnerabilities. Qostodian’s platform allows users to find, track, and safeguard unstructured sensitive data across endpoints and in Microsoft 365 cloud apps. By leveraging the platform’s data discovery capabilities, organizations can gain insights into their data assets and pinpoint areas that require attention.

Detect: Identify your risk

Obtaining complete sensitive data visibility is crucial for effective prioritization based on actionable insights. When evaluating risks, it is important to have a clear understanding of the content within files, as each element carries a unique level of risk. Qostodian takes it a step further by providing visibility and context regarding sensitive data contained in files. The platform offers detailed insights that enable precise identification of risks and informed decision-making regarding necessary actions.

Decide: Remediate risk

Organizations can now take decisive actions based on the obtained insights to remediate risky files swiftly and comprehensively. With the ability to quarantine or delete files directly from the platform, organizations can confidently address security threats, ensuring secure data remediation on critical sensitive information. This empowers organizations to transform information into tangible outcomes, reducing data risk, and improving overall data security.

After successfully mitigating your risks, you can replicate your efforts to continuously enhance your security posture by implementing workflows that monitor and improve it on an ongoing basis. By following and repeating this cycle, you can consistently enforce policies and elevate your overall security posture. 

Qostodian’s comprehensive DSPM platform integrates the entire risk reduction lifecycle, providing organizations with a streamlined approach to data security. From uncovering and assessing data to implementing remediation measures, the platform enables organizations to leverage data-driven insights, prioritize remediation actions, and enhance their overall risk management posture. By utilizing Qostodian’s end-to-end security workflow, organizations can confidently protect their sensitive information and proactively mitigate potential security threats.

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