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Recon enables us to cut through the noise, weed out false positives and focus on what matters. It helped us drive the success of the data governance and cloud migration projects. It also helped reduce costs by ensuring only necessary data made it into the cloud.

– Claire Rosati, Associate Director, Project & Portfolio Office, Niagara College
Claire Rosati
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We now manage sensitive data more effectively. We monitor risky employees and receive real-time, actionable alerts when non-compliant behavior occurs. We also automatically see how data moved across employees.

– Frederic Michaud, Principal Director, Evolution of Cybersecurity Threats, Desjardins
Frederic Michaud
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I needed facts in the form of a comprehensive data inventory. In this job, you never want to go on assumptions. MNP recommended Recon because it gives us a full picture of all sensitive customer data in our possession – on servers, cloud drives, emails and even laptops.

– Olivier Beauregard, Director of Internal Audits, Energir
Olivier Beauregard
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We switched to Qohash because it was faster and lighter than our legacy solution. We installed it in minutes (rather than months). It requires less time and money to maintain, and yet delivers business-critical answers 10x faster. It’s been a game-changer for us at CAA.

– George Plytas, Head of Information Security, CAA Club Group
George Plytas
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What sold me on Recon is that it has the lightest footprint, while also delivering the most granular scanning results. The context provided gives the results meaning, and enables me to move quickly and confidently to secure sensitive data.

– Ramadji Doumnande, Director of IT Operations and Security, NPCA
Ramadji Doumnande
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Recon helped us adapt to new regulatory requirements. We now quickly generate an audit-ready report to provide to regulators. We can also provide evidence that data was ‘destroyed.’ Best of all, our customers’ data is anonymized and never leaves our environment.

– François Lamontagne, Director of IT, Kaleido
Franccois Lamontagne
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Find, classify and inventory all sensitive data, across every data source
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Monitor sensitive data 24/7, track data lineage, and enforce policies at endpoints
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One easy-to-use platform to secure sensitive data on Windows workstations and M365
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