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Our mission is to bring trust and security to your data

Our Team

We are a diverse team of energetic, curious, sincere and ambitious industry veterans. Our expertise spans defense and aerospace, cyber security, risk management, data protection and product development. We’ve designed, engineered, implemented and run some of the best cyber security infrastructures. We have a total commitment and passion for building the future of data security and enjoy delivering polished, innovative and effective products to our customers. 


Jean Le Bouthillier


Pete Karagiannis

VP Sales

Guy Veilleux

Head of Business Dev

Jean-Pierre Pelletier

Head of Product

Sophie Lapointe

Head of Marketing

Pascal Parent

Head of Finance

Valérie Richard

Head of HR


Luca Perico

Tech Lead

Renaud Perry

Tech Lead

Mikael Boutin

Tech Lead

Adán J. Suárez

Tech Lead

Louis Gravel

Senior Software Developer

Éric Gagnon

Senior Software Developer

Julien Keutchayan

Lead Data Scientist

Marwen Jadla

R&D Scientist

Jean-Michaël Cyr

Senior DevSecOps

Jean-Benoît Harvey

Software Engineer/DevSecOps

Adnan Sweeney

Software Developer


Software Developer

Josh Hill

Software Developer

Sunny Pelletier

Software Engineer


Software Developer

Alexandre Janoni

Software Developer

Sahil Pahooja

Software Developer

Philippe Vincent

Software Developer | Intern

Wei Huang

Software Developer | Intern

Maude Paradis

UI/UX Designer

Rosalie Dumas

Operations Manager

Jesus Cabrera

Account Executive

Adrian Douglas

Account Executive

Ameer Shihadeh

Account Executive

Jean-François Martineau

Sales Engineer

Marc Tessier

Product Owner

Paul MacMartin

Senior Technical Writer

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