Qohash selected for CIX Top 20 Early Startups

Qohash is proud to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX) Top 20 Early, a collection of innovative, early-stage tech companies from across the Canadian startup scene. As part of the recognition, Qohash will be participating in CIX 2020, a three-day conference featuring presentations, workshops, debates, and a speech from our very own Founder & CEO, Jean Le Bouthillier.

Gaining entry into the CIX program is no small feat. Over 430 companies applied for this year’s event, competing in front of a selection committee of over 100 judges, including representatives from 3M, Cisco Investments, Intel Capital, and other highly-renowned venture capital firms.

The selection process took place over three weeks in August, leading to Qohash’s acceptance as part of the Top 20 Early startups. Let’s take a look at CIX, its events, and how Qohash is bringing cutting-edge data identification technology to the world of startups.

About CIX

Since 2008, CIX has been the go-to destination for early and growth-stage tech companies to meet, network, and learn more about all that Canada’s tech scene has to offer. As the saying goes, “At CIX, connections are made and deals get done.”

The event also plays host to a number of engaging programs on the latest topics in the tech sector, such as crypto, eCommerce, and InsureTech, as well as startup-specific presentations on funding options and training talent. One topic we’re certainly keeping an eye on at Qohash: “Big Brands Monetizing Data and Adapting to Privacy Regulations.” The state of data classification has shifted dramatically since last year’s CIX, creating effects that many companies are just beginning to uncover.
Our CEO, Jean Le Bouthillier, will be delivering his own speech on a similar topic at Showcase #3, Wednesday, October 21st. Hope to see you there!


CIX has become known for a number of unique, curated events, such as Rocket Pitches, where 30 startup founders are given just five minutes to win over potential investors. These kinds of fast-paced challenges are matched against conversations held in more informal settings, including participants from Google, M12, OMERS Ventures, and others.

Yet the cornerstones of the calendar are defined by two events: The Innovator Of The Year Award, and The Startup World Cup. While the former has already been announced, the latter is part of a larger tournament, with CIX acting as the regional competition. One finalist will be chosen from among the Top 20 Early competitors, who will then move onto the Grande Finale in Silicon Valley. The top prize? A $1 million investment in the winning startup.

As a Top 20 Early Startup, Qohash will be a contender for the tournament. Will we be the ones to take the top prize? We’ll let our pitch speak for itself.

Why Qohash

Your company’s most sensitive data isn’t just growing— it’s now spread across hundreds of potential touchpoints in today’s work-from-home environment. Yet understanding and securing this data requires the right approach. It’s about taking control of your data from the top-down with the fastest and most accurate scanning possible and deploying rapidly to start your operation before bad actors get there first.
To see Qohash in action for yourself, schedule a demo with us today.