Qohash Deploys To Canadian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley

This July, some of the top security professionals at Qohash set off on an ongoing 8-week mission to develop our reach into US markets and connect with new funding opportunities in the world’s most famous startup scene: Silicon Valley.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator program in Silicon Valley is highly competitive, with the number of candidates doubling each year, making 2020 the largest application pool to date. 

Qohash is one of just 14 Canadian startups invited to this event, in order to demonstrate the company’s expertise in data discovery and classification.

To be selected for the program, Canadian startups must have:

  • a strong potential for growth
  • a product with differentiated intellectual property or,
  • a clear competitive advantage, and a clear strategy for the target market.

Today we’ll take a look at how the CTA, in collaboration with Enjoy The Work (ETW), a startup advisory firm, helps Qohash and other companies drive Canada’s tech sector growth.

Program Overview

Executives such as CEOs and VPs apply for the CTA in a competitive process. While there’s no fee for joining, companies in digital industries must show a vested interest in the future of tech at its most cutting edge. The 14 companies that joined us in Silicon Valley this year included Shapeshift 3D, a custom fit 3D printing company; Aimsio, which creates field management software; and Flow, a SaaS company that translates animations and Sketch designs into code. All participants are at the forefront of AI, VR, IoT, and other technologies that are transforming how we live and work in our everyday lives.

So where does Qohash fit in among this slate of top-tier innovators? Our machine learning data tech has the power to support and protect the valuable data assets of other participants, in particular those working with financial institutions. Moreover, the work we’ve done with our banking and financial clients since launching in January 2020 acted as proof for the data safety future Qohash is helping to build. 

The CTA also connects startups like Qohash with Silicon Valley investors. It’s here where companies can develop vital skills to master the art of the pitch and stand the best possible chance of securing funding in the future. 

Here, our execs honed in on the way we present our Qostodian solution and back our claims in the right way – essential for any startup hoping to impress investors in the dog-eat-dog startup haven of Silicon Valley. 

The Power of Accelerators

Making the pitch to a startup investor may sound like a challenge – and it is, but so is securing petabytes of data for banks and other high-security enterprises. In both cases, you need an A-team to get it right, and Qohash always sends their best.

Through the eight weeks of the program, startup founders, CEOs, and leaders overcome a variety of challenges to gain more funding. Yet the CTA is about more than just that. We’ve been thrilled to meet and work with some of the most innovative Canadian startups working across verticals and throughout the nation.  

The variety and innovation of the CTA highlight Canada’s forward-thinking tech industry. With new funding from Silicon Valley and a chance to connect with potential partners and customers in the US, startups selected for the program can go onto even greater success faster than before. 
It’s been a thrill to participate and show the impact of data security to a wider audience. If you’d like to know more about how these solutions can help you follow your data in real-time, visit our product page to start your mission today.